Know when and where a machine will fail before it does

Machines monitoring machines

Hiring a team to provide condition monitoring for a production line is an expensive, time-intensive proposal. By building in sensors that detect the vibrations, sounds and temperatures, a machine’s vitals can be sent to the cloud. Predictive models then check the machine’s health automatically and in real-time.

Be proactive about maintenance

With sensors and machine learning in place, predicting when and where a machine will fail becomes much easier. Machines being taken off-line can be planned in advance, limiting equipment downtime, improving worker safety, and increasing your factory’s overall capacity.

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Increase production without the risk

By knowing the capabilities of your individual machines, you can tweak the output of your factory, pushing your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) further.

The benefits

  • Avoid building redundant production lines
  • Predict equipment maintenance needs
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness
  • Increase factory capacity
  • Improve worker safety


We connect

Using our premade tags and modules, you can start collecting test data quickly.

BLE Technology

BLE Module

Low-energy, high-penetration technology can cover your entire infrastructure. Data is sent to the gateway for further processing.

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BLE Technology

Edge Environmental Sensor

Small, off-the-shelf sensors are quick to install and collect vital environmental data such as temperature changes and ambient humidity.

Articles and videos for this product.

BLE Technology

BLE Wi-Fi Gateway

The gateway collects data from the modules and sends the information to an SG Wireless remote cloud server for processing.

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We analyze

Using your unique dataset we can start to look for insights for your unique challenges. A custom dashboard enables you to keep tabs on what’s important for your business.

Technology used

Data mining & business intelligence

Our team is adept at the latest Machine Learning and Analytics algorithms to find tailored insights specific to your business’ challenges.


Dashboard development

Turn your data into actionable insights with a custom, mobile-friendly dashboard. Track, get status updates and forecast important metrics.



We maintain

After launch, we’ll manage the backend: ensuring updates and security patches get implemented so you can focus on what’s important.


Application management

Behind the scenes, SG Wireless provides ongoing support, securing your network, upgrading infrastructure, backing up data, and providing maintenance and security.


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