Full-stack IoT keeps sensitive health data private and your team informed

Round-the-clock monitoring

IoT can improve customer experience and free-up the time of physicians by allowing low-risk and patients with chronic conditions to return home for remote health monitoring. Remote monitoring ensures that medical staff will stay connected to a patient’s health while physicians meet more patients in-person and take care of pressing issues.

Let patients rest easy

Extending your care with at-home services improves quality of life of your patients, while maintaining high levels of safety. IoT will continuously monitor a patient’s vitals and give early notice when a patient’s health begins to change. With a detailed, real-time history of vital signs, medical staff can make smarter, faster decisions on treatment and help prevent minor issues turn into emergencies.

Reduce overhead

With ever spiraling costs in healthcare, IoT can help reduce overhead by making it easy to extend your at-home care services. With remote monitoring, hospital beds can be reserved for the patients who need it. Valuable space can be reclaimed by reducing the need for waiting areas. Physicians can see more patients by delegating the taking of vitals and monitoring to IoT devices and medical staff. An automated system allows medical staff to monitor a larger pool of patients effectively. The opportunities are endless.

The benefits

  • Reduce Costs Improve patient health care
  • Provide better customer experience
  • Gain better visibility into patient health
  • Free up medical staff with remote monitoring


We connect

Using our premade tags and modules, you can start collecting test data quickly.

LoRA Technology

LoRa Module

Low-energy, high-penetration technology can cover your entire infrastructure. Data is sent to the gateway for further processing.

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LoRA Technology

LoRa Gateway

The gateway collects data from the modules and sends the information to an SG Wireless remote cloud server for processing.

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We analyze

Using your unique dataset we can start to look for insights for your unique challenges. A custom dashboard enables you to keep tabs on what’s important for your business.

Technology used

Data mining & business intelligence

Our team is adept at the latest Machine Learning and Analytics algorithms to find tailored insights specific to your business’ challenges.


Dashboard development

Turn your data into actionable insights with a custom, mobile-friendly dashboard. Track, get status updates and forecast important metrics.



We maintain

After launch, we’ll manage the backend: ensuring updates and security patches get implemented so you can focus on what’s important.


Application management

Behind the scenes, SG Wireless provides ongoing support, securing your network, upgrading infrastructure, backing up data, and providing maintenance and security.


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