IoT makes patient care and treatments easier and more effective

Remote patient monitoring

Skip the waiting room

Reclaim valuable space and both patient and doctor time by deploying real-time remote health monitoring. Medical professionals can gain instant insights into their patients and patients can provide accurate health data without needing to leave their home.

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Find hidden issues

Use analytics, and anonymized patient and medical data to make it easier to discover easy-to-miss or time-consuming cardiovascular issues like arrhythmia.

Asset Tracking

Medical equipment tracking

Hospitals are notoriously chaotic. By deploying IoT, critical equipment can be located and transported quickly when needed.

Cold chain supply tracking

Ensure your pharmaceuticals are kept secure, in climate-controlled environments across your supply chain. With IoT, the efficacy of your product can be better ensured for when it’s needed.

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John Wills
24 Jan 2021 @ 7:30


36.6 °C

Heart Rate

76 bpm


87 mg/dl