IoT makes your buildings more efficient and more comfortable for your tenants.

Environmental monitoring

Predictive Maintenance

With IoT, your building will proactively notify you of potential problems. Rather than relying on expensive, time consuming and unnessary scheduled maintenance, real-time systems will detect and alert your team when a system needs maintenance work done.

Adaptive Spaces

Your buildings will learn to be sensitive to environmental changes such as changes in the weather or sunlight intensity. Heating and cooling systems can be increased or decreased within set parameters on a floor-by-floor or room-by-room basis, constantly optimizing for comfort and energy usage.

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Systems optimization

Leak Detection

Gas, water, airflow and eletricity flow can be monitored in real time. When there is a surge or drop in usage your team can be immediately alerted and directed to the location of the issue before water damage or excessive costs are incurred.

Utilities Management

By tracking tenant traffic, building utilities such as air conditioning and lighting can be safely shut down when not in use to conserve energy and resources.

Building Security

Improved security

Improve your security without increasing staff by enabling your security team with digital monitoring equipment. At a glance, your team will know who is in the building, where they went and when they left. Combined with location trackers on valuable equipment ensures that expensive or sensitive assets stay on-site.

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