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A True Full-Stack IoT provider.

Corner to corner understanding

With SG Wireless you can move confidently with your IoT solution. Our cross disciplinary team understands networking, software, hardware and manufacturing and can identify problems and offer solutions long before you reach manufacturing and testing stages.

From idea to prototype in 90 days

SG Wireless invented a rapid development system that can take you from ideation to Proof of Concept in 90 days. Instead of imagining the benefits, field test the prototype, iterate and see measurable results that IoT brings to your business.

50 years of manufacturing

With decades of experience in manufacturing products, we have seen and overcome almost every problem imaginable. Unlike many of our competitors, our foresight will give you accurate forecasts of cost, timing and constraints.

Our IoT Capabilities

No matter your requirements, we have the capabilities to get your project off the ground and into the market. From DIY kits for your engineering team to full-stack service solutions we can take your business further.

Dashboard development

Get the full picture and take control of your data with real-time monitoring and custom-made dashboards for both desktop and mobile devices.

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Data mining and business intelligence

Discover new insights and make more strategic decisions by measuring your business’ performance over time.

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Application Management

Our team offers comprehensive hardware and software support, ensuring your systems and servers are secure and optimized.

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Use our premade products to quickly establish your own IoT solution. Need support? Have your engineers contact us to determine which product suits your unique needs.


Extend your IoT capabilities by installing these modules.


Edge Devices

Ready to deploy sensors covering most IoT use cases.

Edge Devices


Connects Bluetooth enabled tags to cloud networks.


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global business

Indoor Asset Tracking Platform Monitors Essential Medical Equipment in Hospitals

by SGWireless, Jan 13, 2023

The Nordic nRF52840 SoC-powered MediTrack system helps staff oversee the location of assets to save time and take advantage of available resources

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global business

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2022 Certificate of Merit Awarded to Wireless Indoor Alert System Developed from SG Wireless Limited’s Full-stack IoT Solution

by SGWireless, Nov 17, 2022

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2022 Certificate of Merit Awarded to Wireless Indoor Alert System

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